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Buy a Houston Tennis Club souvenir, special gift or collector’s item and show your team spirit. Every time you purchase one of our official products at our cool gift store, you will be benefiting the team you admire. Help your teammates be better prepared for their next game and season. Check out what’s new in store!

Tennis Match
Boy Holding Racket
Doubles Match


Feeling inspired by our talented team? Ready to try your hand at the game? Play and look like a pro with your very own American-made Product. Come on by to our gift shop to purchase your very own game memorabilia. All proceeds go to our team so show your support today. We’ve got a ton of merchandise just waiting for you.


All of our awesome products come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Show your support for your favorite San Francisco team by purchasing our one-of-a-kind Product and showing it off at our next big game! All proceeds support the team you love best. Come on by our gift shop to check out our merchandise.


Product is a great gift for any young fan of the game. Available in a variety of colors, it’ll last a lifetime. Show your love for you favorite team by purchasing our items at our cool gift shop. All proceeds support our team so know you’ll be making a difference no matter what you purchase. Come on by!

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